Friday, 15 May 2015

Small Apartment Design in Disco Style

Small apartment design in disco style is not something new again, it’s already use in the 60’s while many cafes provide live music and dancing facilities. This era is a start of the design ideas for the apartment in the whole world. In this design especially for a small apartment usually just only have four rooms, i.e. kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom. And all of the rooms have the disco style atmosphere, but if you do not use the designer to complete your apartment, you have to really plan it carefully.

Small apartment kitchen ideas

Those rooms should be divided by either from sides comfort even functional, so don’t carelessly in arranging the rooms. So many ideas that you can find in the home improvement store, or maybe you can see from magazines and the internet. A lot of picture that you can combine in your design ideas from internet, such as combine living room with bedroom and separated by the curtain. So the bed room can be a private room when the curtain is close and if you want to watch a TV you can open your curtain, and watch it from the bed.

For a living room, is one of the places that should be able to provide comfortable, with minimum furnishing but can make the guest enjoy their chat, and feel have a lot of leisure for stay long there. In this living room, you can use the cabinet to be a wall separated, so you have a space for a kitchen. Use and managed all the existing space into a more functional but not all apply everything you want because it can make your design will mess up. Pick some furniture for your apartment that has a lot of functions, so that can reduce the use of empty space in your apartment.
Simply small apartment design

The small apartment design in disco style usually uses a bright color in the design. With the low sofa and made from leather. Creamy combine with the dark chocolate, for the wall can make you go again in the night parties in the 60’s. Or maybe you can choose yourself for the color, small apartment design in disco style is a on of design of the apartment that can be considered timeless because it’s always there time to time.

In this small apartment design in disco style the important is how to make your small apartment to be cozy with that design

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